3 Tasks Working Well in My Business Right Now

When I started my Brown Vegan business in 2013 (I use that year because it was the first time I made money), I was doing a little bit of everything...

  • Blogging
  • YouTube
  • Social Media
  • Newsletters
  • Podcast
  • Meeting folks in my industry by going to events
  • Etc. Etc. Etc.

I know a lot of people say you shouldn't focus on more than 1 or 2 main "things" in your business but, hey, I bore easily. lol

Out of this list, the areas working the most in my business right now are weekly newsletters, my podcast & YouTube channel.



Newsletter: I send out a weekly newsletter because it's an opportunity to connect with my audience on a deeper level. I actually prefer my email list over social media these days, because social can feel very noisy in comparison. Not everyone is checking social media each day (believe it or not lol) but most people are checking their email.

I use Convertkit to collect email addresses and send out emails with tips, special promos, videos, podcast episodes, and updates to my audience. 


Podcast: I love doing Brown Vegan podcast and get such incredible feedback from the listeners. On the show, I share tips from my experiences with being vegan and also bring on guests to share their stories.

The show has been a great way to sell my products and grow my email list too because I often mention my Vegan Starter Kit opt-in and products that I have to offer.


Video: Video is soooo powerful! On my Brown Vegan channel, I post recipes, grocery haul, vegan tips, etc. to help families transition to a vegan lifestyle. Not only do I help my viewers see how simple, delicious and affordable vegan life can be, but I also grow my email list with new subscribers and sell my products.

Another form of video that has worked well is doing weekly live streams on Instagram. I promote special offers, answer questions, come up with new content (based on questions and feedback), let my audience know about new content (on my YouTube channel or podcast) and connect with my audience on a deeper level than just posting pictures.

I highly recoommed you incoporate video into your brand ASAP!

What tasks are working well in your business? Leave me a comment!

How to Host A Webinar Using Squarespace and Free Tools

Webinars are a great way to build your email list, connect with your audience, and sell your products and services.

The tools you need to start can feel overwhelming!

The good news is, you don't need fancy software like Webinar Jam and Leadpages to host your first webinar.

Check out the video below to get the steps on how to use Squarespace, YouTube Live and Chatango to host your free webinar.

Resources mentioned:

Chatango -- free chatbox 

Questions? Leave me a comment below.

What Equipment Do You Need to Start A Podcast? | Q&A

Here are some questions I received in my Instagram DM the other day...

The good news is, you don't need a lot of fancy equipment to start your podcast. In fact, when I started my podcast, I used the voice memo on my iPod to record episode and free software to edit (I still use free lol).

I suggest you start and make improvements as you move forward.

Here's what I use right now to get the job done....

What do you use to record episodes?


I use Skype and ecamm (to record interviews), Audacity (to record solo episodes), a Blue Yeti microphone, ZRAMO pop filter, and Sennheiser headphones. 

What do you use to edit the podcast content?

I use Audacity to edit my episodes. It's a free software that you can download here.

What do you use to upload your content?

I use Libsyn to upload and host all my podcast episodes. 


Don't think about it too much! Just start! :-)

Leave your podcast questions in the comments below.

How to Add Multiple Links on Instagram(video)

Even though I have a love/hate thing going with social (really working on loving it more these days lol), I do understand how important it is for building and growing your business.

Since Instagram will only allow one link on your profile and no clickable links on the actual caption, I want to show you how to get the most of this prime social media real estate. 

You can simply use one domain to link to multiple pages/links on your Instagram profile. This method is perfect if you have several pieces of content, opt-ins and products/services to promote on your Instagram page.

Here an example of how I use it on my Brown Vegan Instagram page.

I promote a blog post here...


And a free opt in here...

On both posts, I tell my audience that there's link on my bio to access the content. 

Here are 2 ways you can set up your multiple links on your Instagram profile:

You can use Linktree (a free software that will link all the content you want)...


Or you can set up a new page on your website to host the page (I use Squarespace to host my website)...


Click below to watch the full video on how to make it happen for your Instagram profile...

Links mentioned:


May 2017 Intentions

I looked at my post from December 2016 to see how I was doing on leaving behind things that no longer serve me and moving forward to greatness, and realized I hadn't posted an update in a while.

So here goes...

Intentions & Reflections:

Build & Serve -- My focus for May is to work on growing my audience (reaching 40K YouTube subscribers -- currently at 39,733 and grow my email list by 200 people), provide quality content (on YouTube & the podcast) and focus on money-generating activities.

Mo'Money Mo' Money -- I set an income goal for the first time since February! I swear it's like the universe heard me right away because dope paid opportunities are falling right in my lap.

Digital Girl Going Offline -- One of the things I've embraced this year is the power of offline paid opportunities. Even though it can be very uncomfortable (and I don't feel like I know what the hell I'm doing lol), I love being able to connect and hug folks in person.

I did my first paid cooking demo in Baltimore back in March!

I also have speaking gigs at the Kansas City VegFest and Vegan Soul Fest coming up this summer.

Since I plan to work offline more, I've been thinking about the importance of having physical products to offer at events. I'm still not sure what I will offer...just that I need to figure it out.

Unplug -- My phone was acting crazy last month and shut down twice for several hours. I went from panic to bliss during those hours, and it reminded me just how important it is to unplug. This month I will let my battery go dead and then stay offline for several hours. I scroll social media way too much.


Intentions for May 2017:

  • Get a summer curriculum for the kids
  • Continue to add videos and PDFs to the Simple Side Hustle course (I need to finish this!!!)
  • Add a dedicated page to the Brown Vegan site to promote offline opportunities.
  • Write an email sales sequence for Zero to Vegan
  • Write an email sales sequence for Ready Set Go Vegan
  • Make a doctor's appointment

Consistency Goals for February

How My YouTube Channel Went to Sh*t & What I Plan to Do to Fix It

Video is powerful! In my opinion, if you want to build a brand and business these days, you must incorporate video content.

You don't have to be on YouTube (you can go live on social media instead), but I think you're missing out on amazing opportunities if you decide not to use video.

According to Facebook, "By 2021, video will account for more than 70% of all mobile data traffic."

I started my main YouTube channel in 2012, and it has led to so many incredible opportunities -- brand sponsorships (even one with Whole Foods), speaking engagement, coaching clients and digital product sales.

It's one of the easiest ways to be seen in a crowded online space. 

The other day while going over my channel analytics, I realized just how much my channel has declined.

I used to get about 1,500 new subscribers a month and my video views were nearly double about 15 months ago. These days, I get less than 400 new subscribers on my channel, and my content has been very inconsistent -- the easiest way to send your YouTube channel right to the toilet.

Over time I just fell off...like really fell off.

Here's a screenshot of my channel stats....


What caused the decline in my YouTube channel?

  • Insecure about my content -- I am a very practical vegan and often feel like my content isn't "good enough" "health-conscious enough" etc. So instead I spend time focusing on me instead of the people who want and see my style of content. I know taking myself out the equation (and thinking about my audience!) will make it that much easier to produce content. Comparing myself to others is wack and kills my productivity every.single.time.
  • Being inconsistency --This is a BIG no-no as a YouTube creator, because when people don't see you, they forget all about you. lol 
  • Allowing anxiety and depression to consume me *sigh*

What are my goals?

  • To connect with vegan-curious, vegetarian and vegan peeps online.
  • Sell more digital products and secure more offline opportunities.
  • Add brand sponsorships as a consistent stream of income to my business.
  • Use YouTube to build a community with other vegans.

How I plan to improve my channel?

Get consistent! Do you see that gap in content? Two months....and then the next video wasn't until 3 weeks ago? 

Unacceptable. If you want to grow and connect on YouTube, you must upload quality content consistently. One or more videos each week is ideal (I honestly think you should aim for two videos).

Take SEO to the next level -- I just invested in a video course that will help me improve my content and get my SEO life together. Believe it or not, I never really been intentional about SEO strategies for my YouTube channel or blog. I know. I know.

Give my audience what they want -- While looking at my YouTube analytics, I saw that my viewers love What We Ate Today, Reviews, Vegan Junk Food (or recipe you wouldn't expect to be vegan like fried chicken) and simple recipes using accessible ingredients.

Be more engaged in the YouTube comments -- I downloaded the YouTube Creator's Studio app and this will allow me to easily respond to comments and help to cultivate a community.

Spend more time on pre-production -- Even after all this time, I have a terrible habit of taking my camera in the kitchen and not planning my video shots. It makes recording and editing much longer than necessary and is one of the main reasons I became inconsistent with uploading content.

Batch my video content -- Instead of just recording one video at a time, I'm working on getting back to recording 2 or more at a time to save time and get the most out of my video production days.

Be intentional about my thumbnails -- You see this thumbnail? Chile! You can't tell what my video is even about why looking at it.

Shout out to the 2,300 peeps who watched this video because I did nothing to convince you to do so based on this thumbnail. lol

An appealing thumbnail is sooo important if you want to get more views, engagement and subscribers. I purchased a course and ebook on how to improve my photography and can't wait to dig in.


I realize it will take several months (or even a year) to get my channel back on track but I'm in it for the long haul, so it's whatever.

Wish me luck!

Have you started adding video to your brand and business? How is it going for you?