How I Edit My Weekly Podcast (for Interview Episodes)

I had Alyssa on my Brown Vegan podcast recently to talk about why we need more vegan podcasts and how to set one up, so I thought it would be awesome to do a post on my podcast editing workflow.

>> You can listen to the chat with Alyssa here <<

If you're new to podcasting, or have been thinking about starting one, it may feel like there are a lot of steps below.

Don't let my process stop you from starting!

My podcast beginnings were super humble.

My first episode was recorded using the voice memo on my iPod (I couldn't even afford an iPhone back then) and I knew nothing about recording, editing, etc. 

You have to start before you're ready! Take the leap and make improvements as you go. 


Here's my current process for editing podcast episodes...

  • Put the interview mp3 in Audacity (free software) to edit
  • Listen to the interview for the first time to see how it flowed and edit out dead air, interruptions, etc. 
  • Listen again in a few hours (or days) and edit out most "umms," jots down notes for the blog post and my introduction,  and get a 30-second clip for the beginning of the episode and social media. This edit usually takes the longest to do. 
  • If it feels like the episode didn't flow well, I will listen a THIRD time. I try to only listen twice for most episodes. 
  • Once the interview portion of the episode is done, I save it to my desktop and then record my introduction using a Yeti microphone and Audacity. 
  • Next, I edit my introduction (this is usually 3-mins of audio)
  • Then put all the footage together in Audacity & save to the desktop -- the 30-second clip, my introduction, interview, music, and the pre-recorded outro.
  • Quick final make sure all the files are sync (I don't listen straight through)
  • Once the episode is ready, I upload the final mp3 file to Libsyn (my podcast host)
  • Make the images for social media in Canva.
  • Write the blog post -- to keep it simple, I write an intro paragraph (or not), embed the podcast episode, bullet points for the topics discussed in the episode, how to reach the guest,  and resources mentioned.
  • Make my social audio posts in Wavve to share on social media.
  • Reach out to the podcast interviewee by email and let them know the episode is live with a link to the blog post and picture for social media. 

Wow! I take a lot of steps to edit my podcast. This doesn't include the time it takes to schedule guests, interview them and some other steps I may be forgetting right now. 

Once I start making consistent money from my podcast, I plan to outsource a lot of the editing to free up time for other projects. 

Remember, you can keep it as simple as you want! Don't feel like you have to do any of these steps...I didn't for a long time. lol 

What are your questions about podcasting? Let me know!



How to Get Comfortable on Camera

So you want to start a YouTube channel or go live on social media, but the thought of being on camera has you like this...

I promise it's not just you!

Even though I've spent the last several years building a brand using video, I still get anxious about the idea of being on camera.

Here's the thing -- The message you have for the world is much more important than how you think you look on camera.

People aren't looking for your flaws, they want the content that only you can share. 

When I dare to be POWERFUL, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid
— Audre Lorde

Tips to Get Comfortable On Camera

*Practice, practice, practice - Make videos for the sake of it. Take out the camera and start recording without the intention of ever posting the videos. This will help you get used to being and seeing yourself on camera.

*Make sure you like the way you look - Put on a little makeup (even if it's just lipstick), wear your fave shirt and/or jewelry. Do whatever you can to make yourself feel comfortable because if you look good, you feel good. :-)

*It's okay not to be on camera the whole time. Be on camera for just a few moments at the beginning of the video to introduce yourself, show your face, and give an overview of your topic...then use voiceover for the rest of the video. This tip is for posting YouTube videos.

*Know your content well - You don't have to script your videos, but write a detailed outline, so that you're confident about the topic you're covering.


P.S. Your favorite YouTube personality or live broadcaster may seem confident today, but check out some of their older videos to get a reality check.

Never compare your chapter 1 to someone else's chapter 20!


Anything else stopping you from starting your YouTube channel? Let me know in the comments.

Can You Make Money As An Instacart Shopper? I Made $219 in 5 hours!

Since I'm still trying to figure out how to make money consistently in my business, I work several gigs on the side to supplement my income. 

One of those gigs is Instacart -- a same-day grocery delivery service.

I shop for groceries at local stores and deliver them to customers in the DC area. 

In the video below, I chat about how I made $219.46 in about five hours last weekend.



Questions about Instacart? Let me know and I will share more of my experiences. :-)

December 2017 Intentions | Reflections & Goals



  • I finalized my word/phrase for 2018 -- "Fearless Visibility" Shout out to Megan Minns because before I saw her post, I was going to use "Stop Hiding." This new phrase is so much better.
  • Even though I don't feel like I've had an active 2017 (as far as being on social and posting recipes), it was pretty dope to be featured in The New York Times on November 28th. 
  • I got a gig that has me out of the house five days a week. It's not bad at all!
  • It was amazing to smash my income goals for November! I'm still blown away by how a little bit of intention went a long way for my finances in November. 

Intentions for December 2017:

  • Exercise...even if for 20 minutes -- Even though I've been working on eating better, I know the 20 lbs will come off faster if I incorporate cardio and weight training. PLUS, the exercise will work wonders for my mental health.
  • Get clear about how I will make 2018 my year of "Fearless Visibility"

How I Did on Consistency Goals for November 2017:

*Upload at least ONE video on my main YouTube channel - NOPE. I have a confession to make. I've been away from YouTube for over four months, and every time I plan to go back, I get stuck in the "my content isn't good enough" nonsense. The YouTube bar has been set high, and I just don't think my videos fit in. *sigh* It's silly...I know. 

*Upload a weekly podcast episode (five for the month) - NOPE. I did two episodes. I refuse to beat myself up though. I started a new gig that took a lot of time. Plus, I'm excited to have several episodes ready for December. 

Consistency Goals for December 2017:

I decided not to set any this month. Instead, I will spend time reflecting and planning for the new year. 

Check out previous Intentions posts here.

What are your goals for the new month? Let me know :-)

November 2017 Intentions


It's been a while since I wrote my last Intentions post. *sigh*

Even though I don't always complete my monthly goals, I will say writing these posts does give me a sense of accountability. 

Also, I want to be more transparent about my business experiences to track my growth and inspire others to chase their dreams.


*A Major Shift In Our Family -- If you don't already know, I have three sons - 16, 14 & 12. Being a mom of teenagers has been the hardest thing I've ever had to do. The level of stress over the last 1 1/2 has been unreal. One of the reasons life has been all over the place for me is because my older sons recently moved to Texas to live with their dad. This situation has been a hard transition for my family, but I know this change is best for the boys.

*I Still Don't Know What the Hell I'm Doing -- After all these years, I still haven't figured out what I can do to really serve people and make a consistent monthly income from my businesses. 

I'm actually quite embarrassed to admit this out loud, but hey, the first step is admitting there's a problem, right?

Intentions for November 2017:

*Set an income goal for the month -- I started tracking my income back in July and being intentional did allow me to make more money. I got off track last month and saw that my income was the lowest that it has been in a while -- there's def a correlation, so I will start tracking again. 

*Finalize My "Word/Theme" for 2018 -- My word for 2017 is Execution. Even though there's so much more I want to do, I feel as though I took way more action this year. I released two products on Brown Vegan, two products on Biz Life, did a few speaking engagements, cooking demos (my first was this year!) and went on TV. 

*Continue to work on my weight loss journey -- One of my 2017 goals was to lose 20 lbs. Guess what happened tho? I gained ten mo' pounds! I'm now a whopping 172.4 lbs. 

I started over again and feel positive that I will reach this goal in 2018 -- What I plan to do more of? Manage stress, cut down on processed foods, work as an accountable partner with Eric (he wants to lose 20 lbs too). 

*Leave the damn house -- As someone who works from home, it's very easy for me not to leave the house very often. I will make sure to get out as least once a week -- even if it's just for a 30-minute walk or a dinner date with Eric.  I know leaving the house more will help with my anxiety and depression too. 

Consistency Goals for February:

I'm pretty nervous to set consistency goals, because I don't usually follow through on everything I write.

So I will keep it short and sweet...

*Upload at least ONE video on my main YouTube channel - I can't believe it has been three months since my last video! I just decided to record and upload a BBQ tofu video. Wish me luck! 

*Upload a weekly podcast episode (five for the month) -- there's no excuse for not finishing this because I have all the interviews recorded!

Check out previous Intentions posts here 

What are your goals for the new month? Let me know :-)