How My YouTube Channel Went to Sh*t & What I Plan to Do to Fix It

Video is powerful! In my opinion, if you want to build a brand and business these days, you must incorporate video content.

You don't have to be on YouTube (you can go live on social media instead), but I think you're missing out on amazing opportunities if you decide not to use video.

According to Facebook, "By 2021, video will account for more than 70% of all mobile data traffic."

I started my main YouTube channel in 2012, and it has led to so many incredible opportunities -- brand sponsorships (even one with Whole Foods), speaking engagement, coaching clients and digital product sales.

It's one of the easiest ways to be seen in a crowded online space. 

The other day while going over my channel analytics, I realized just how much my channel has declined.

I used to get about 1,500 new subscribers a month and my video views were nearly double about 15 months ago. These days, I get less than 400 new subscribers on my channel, and my content has been very inconsistent -- the easiest way to send your YouTube channel right to the toilet.

Over time I just fell really fell off.

Here's a screenshot of my channel stats....


What caused the decline in my YouTube channel?

  • Insecure about my content -- I am a very practical vegan and often feel like my content isn't "good enough" "health-conscious enough" etc. So instead I spend time focusing on me instead of the people who want and see my style of content. I know taking myself out the equation (and thinking about my audience!) will make it that much easier to produce content. Comparing myself to others is wack and kills my productivity every.single.time.
  • Being inconsistency --This is a BIG no-no as a YouTube creator, because when people don't see you, they forget all about you. lol 
  • Allowing anxiety and depression to consume me *sigh*

What are my goals?

  • To connect with vegan-curious, vegetarian and vegan peeps online.
  • Sell more digital products and secure more offline opportunities.
  • Add brand sponsorships as a consistent stream of income to my business.
  • Use YouTube to build a community with other vegans.

How I plan to improve my channel?

Get consistent! Do you see that gap in content? Two months....and then the next video wasn't until 3 weeks ago? 

Unacceptable. If you want to grow and connect on YouTube, you must upload quality content consistently. One or more videos each week is ideal (I honestly think you should aim for two videos).

Take SEO to the next level -- I just invested in a video course that will help me improve my content and get my SEO life together. Believe it or not, I never really been intentional about SEO strategies for my YouTube channel or blog. I know. I know.

Give my audience what they want -- While looking at my YouTube analytics, I saw that my viewers love What We Ate Today, Reviews, Vegan Junk Food (or recipe you wouldn't expect to be vegan like fried chicken) and simple recipes using accessible ingredients.

Be more engaged in the YouTube comments -- I downloaded the YouTube Creator's Studio app and this will allow me to easily respond to comments and help to cultivate a community.

Spend more time on pre-production -- Even after all this time, I have a terrible habit of taking my camera in the kitchen and not planning my video shots. It makes recording and editing much longer than necessary and is one of the main reasons I became inconsistent with uploading content.

Batch my video content -- Instead of just recording one video at a time, I'm working on getting back to recording 2 or more at a time to save time and get the most out of my video production days.

Be intentional about my thumbnails -- You see this thumbnail? Chile! You can't tell what my video is even about why looking at it.

Shout out to the 2,300 peeps who watched this video because I did nothing to convince you to do so based on this thumbnail. lol

An appealing thumbnail is sooo important if you want to get more views, engagement and subscribers. I purchased a course and ebook on how to improve my photography and can't wait to dig in.


I realize it will take several months (or even a year) to get my channel back on track but I'm in it for the long haul, so it's whatever.

Wish me luck!

Have you started adding video to your brand and business? How is it going for you?