How to Post A YouTube Video On A Squarespace Site

~Scroll to the bottom of the post if you prefer to watch the video version of this tutorial~


Here are the steps to make that happen...

1) Click on the video you want to share on your Squarespace site.


2) Scroll to the bottom of the video and click the "Share" button.


3) Click on "Embed"


4) Copy and paste the html code OR click "Show More" 


and customize the "Video Size" based on your needs.



5) Take the html over to your Squarespace site and click the "+" sign to add a new blog post.


6) Move your cursor to the blog post box until the tear drop appears.


7) Scroll down to the "Code" box and click on it.


8) Once the code box appears, paste the html code.


9) Click "Apply" to save the video.


Prefer the video version of the tutorial? Click below to watch...

That's it!

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