October 2016 Intentions

September is my birthday month, so I always see it as a way to reflect on the current year and get ready for next year.

The timing is perfection!

I spent about an hour yesterday working on my new income goals for the next year and the number seemed so big that I was afraid to write it down.

 I felt a lot better about the number this morning and happily wrote it in my journal, along with my other goals for the month and year.

Earlier this year, I wrote my intentions for the month on my other business site, Brown Vegan, but since this site is more about Biz Life, I feel it more appropriate to get those thoughts over here.

Here are my goals for October 2016:

  • Make a doctor's appt to get a physical
  • Work with my biz coach
  • Go for a walk on M-W-F
  • Save $150 in emergency fund
  • Revamp Vegan Starter Kit
  • Zero to Vegan up and ready by October 12th!
  • Write sequence for Vegan Starter Kit to educate and pitch Zero to Vegan
  • Rewrite About page and newsletter sequence
  • Write outline for Start with Video course
  • Plan haunted house or hayride for kids

Share your own plans in the comments below :-)