Path to 100K Subscribers Ep #1

You saw the title...

I will get to 100K YouTube subscribers in 2017 on my main YouTube channel.


This goal is both exciting and nerve wrecking. It's a HUGE goal.

Like HUGE!

Mainly because I am nowhere near 100K subscribers on YouTube.  My main channel is currently at 37, 726 and it's a lot of work to grow and maintain a successful channel.

I chat about the decision in the video below....

I have to say that talking about it made me feel a little better, but overall documenting it out loud makes me very uncomfortable.

Like very very uncomfortable.

What if I fail? I always feel like I give up on myself.

What if I burnout?

The number isn't important anyway, is it?

But it must be done. I'm so tired of watching on the sidelines and not taking my businesses (this one and Brown Vegan) to the next level.

I'm so tired of being afraid of what people think of me and not living my best life.

There's no better time to make it happen.

I'm still working on all the details on how I will do it, but I know this will make a bigger impact on people embracing vegan life and lead to a profitable business.

It's my dream and purpose!

Stay tuned :-)