What Equipment Do You Need to Start A Podcast? | Q&A

Here are some questions I received in my Instagram DM the other day...

The good news is, you don't need a lot of fancy equipment to start your podcast. In fact, when I started my podcast, I used the voice memo on my iPod to record episode and free software to edit (I still use free lol).

I suggest you start and make improvements as you move forward.

Here's what I use right now to get the job done....

What do you use to record episodes?


I use Skype and ecamm (to record interviews), Audacity (to record solo episodes), a Blue Yeti microphone, ZRAMO pop filter, and Sennheiser headphones. 

What do you use to edit the podcast content?

I use Audacity to edit my episodes. It's a free software that you can download here.

What do you use to upload your content?

I use Libsyn to upload and host all my podcast episodes. 


Don't think about it too much! Just start! :-)

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