What My Morning Routine Looks Like

My first try at establishing a morning routine was several years ago when I read Miracle Morning.

That routine only lasted about three weeks... 

Then I went back to my same ole sleeping until the last minute and feeling rushed for the rest of the day.

I just didn't really see the true benefit of having a morning routine -- it felt like too much work.

Now I see it as a way to pour into myself daily before I have to be responsible for anyone else.

This is a major motivation to do this daily. It allows me to have quiet time before the day gets crazy.

On days when I feel like I didn't get much business work done, I feel a bit of achievement since I got my morning routine done.

It's all about the small wins, baby!

Here's what my current morning routine is looking like:

  • Read for 15 minutes -- I use the Kindle app right in bed
  • Brew tea
  • Write my goals for the year, month, week and daily in my InkWELL journal
  • Write my values -- This episode of Behind the Brilliance inspired me to finally reflect and write down my values. I also used the Values Assessment listed to narrow my values. It took me several days to do this activity but was sooo worth it.
  • Write 3 things in my gratitude journal
  • Self development/biz project -- I spend about 30 minutes working on an area I need help with (usually with a program I paid it)
  • 10 pushups (lol)

After all of this, I get on with my day -- working and being with my kids. 

No matter what anyone else's routine looks like, feel free to establish one that you love. This will make it easier for you to have something to look forward to each morning.

Even though I have to get up earlier to ensure I get my routine done, I love that I pour into myself before I pour into anyone else. This allows me to be calmer and less resentful that I have to give my time to others.

It's def worth having a morning routine!

Share your own morning routine and tips in the comments :-)